Bloggers have been chosen!

Official bloggers for Trunk or Treat have been chosen. It was not an easy decision and there were many talented individuals who applied. Thank you to everyone who applied for your interest and congrats to those of you who were chosen

Alicia Chenaux

Aria Christen

Caroline Apollo


Eric7 Byk

Ficceh Resident

Giiorgii resident

Goizane Resident

Harvest Dezno

Honey Dragovar

Jenna Langer

Kaci Soderstrom

Kimbra Iridescent

Kismet Faith

LadyMinaj Resident

Laylinha Tomsen

Leah Remex

Lila Clemenceau

MadalynEve Faith



Riley Sapphire

Saelwen Resident

Shocking Wonder

Tess Cheri


Tigist Sapphire

Vanda Maertens

Yume Carami

Zoya Neaph



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